HANDI-CARD :: Handicapped Parking Permit Holder :: Visor display and storage for handicap parking permit

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Persons with Disability Parking Placards

2 Display Modes:It can be hanged on the rearview mirror with hook or put on the sunvisor without hook,when not using,you can folding the sunvisor and

CATO Portable Handicap Placard Holder for Auto Visor with Hanger,Disabled Parking Permit Sign Protector with 1 Transparent PVC Storage Bag,3 Pockets

Shop online for VisorTag Parking Permit Holder. Easy to install, just attach it to sun visor once and magnetic button caps keep the holder in stored

Attach your permit to your sun visor to display your information in a snap. - VisorTag Horizontal is made from a rigid 60 mil thick

Persons with Disability Parking Placards

Handicap Parking Placard Holder - Disabled Parking Permit Holder Hanger Sleeve with Larger Hook

Handicap Parking Placard Holder - Temu

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Handicap Placard Holder for Auto, Wisdompro Disabled Parking Permit Sign Protector for Car Sun Visor with Note Paper Slot, Pen Holder and Elastic Strap - Gray : Automotive

JL Safety

Secure this clear plastic sleeve to a car's sun visor with the attached elastic straps, then insert your handicap tag and flip it up and out of the way while driving. When parked, put the visor down and swivel the placard into view. No more hanging and rehanging! Fits all visors. 131/2 H x 6 1/2 W.

Handicap Visor Pocket

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